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ACEP.org Overhaul Revealed

After a year of research, planning an entirely new information architecture, moving more than 20,000 pieces of content from one platform to another, and literally building new, curation pages for better usability ... ACEP.org is ready for the world! 

How did we get to this new design and organization?

  • feedback from 250 members who volunteered an opinion
  • deep dive interviews with 7 Task Force Members
  • ongoing anecdotal input from users
  • stats on most used pages
  • stats on most searched words and phrases
  • input from the Member Care team about FAQs they receive
  • best practices for websites in 2018

What do you think?

We are currently in a soft launch for the site, which means we are still working on some content clean-up, formatting and design elements. It’s an evolving, dynamic resource and we will be continually tweaking and updating. 

And we need your help! This much content is a lot to keep up with ... there is a chance that something fell through the cracks.

If you see a page or a PDF that is missing, or any larger content gaps, please let us know via this form. Sometimes working on a project this big, we can be too close and miss things that fresh eyes, like yours, will spot.

Also, Search review … we have taken a look at the top search terms for ACEP.org and see good results. But the new platform offers so much more refinement ability and also uses AI to inform its results. Be sure to test some of your commonly searched topics and phrases, and let us know if there is something you expect to see that is not returning.

We are still working on several content areas, and they may not be complete during this soft launch. If a menu link is not working, we are likely still assembling that content area. But please let us know about it, anyway.

You can also tell us about how much you like the new design or if you find the organization more useful - we'd like to hear that, too!

Couple of important features:

  • Search performance has been enhanced, and will continue to evolve as data is gained by visitors' search queries.
  • Content is organized by topic and not dispersed by the ACEP department that created it. Watch for even more integration and content curation as we continually refine and enhance based on analytics and feedback.
  • Personalization for the site should take shape over the next few months. Based on known criteria, such as years in practice or section membership, the site will start to skew to be a more personalized experience serving up content for individual members. At launch, there will be some subtle differences for members and non-members, so be sure to log in.
  • Streamlined, clean design for better visibility on mobile devices.
  • Real, live emergency physicians are featured predominantly in our images. Special thanks to some of our members at Texas Health Resources at HEB who allowed us such great access.
  • The home page content will change out regularly. We will be mindful of keeping the home page item fresh and focused on member usefulness.

Don't forget to let us know what you think - good or bad.
But we think you'll find it to be a huge improvement.

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