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Salary Surveys - Emergency Medicine

The following is a listing of surveys that the American College of Emergency Physicians is aware of specific to emergency physician income/salaries. The College does not endorse any of these surveys, and the statistical validity of each need to be carefully examined if you decide to use these data.

  1. American Medical Association (AMA). Physician Socioeconomic Statistics. Tracks physician net income after expenses and before taxes. Contact the AMA at 800.621.8335. Web site is www.ama-assn.org.
  2. American Medical Group Association (AMGA). Medical Group Compensation and Financial Survey. Includes salary and productivity data from nearly 50,000 physicians and 225 organizations in 136 positions/specialties Call 612.294.3644. Information is also available on their web site: www.amga.org.
  3. Cejka Search. Physician search firm. Surveyed over 100 organizations and 310 physicians in 17 specialties. Includes salaries and bonuses. Call 314.236.4410. www.cejkasearch.com
  4. Daniel Stern and Associates. Clinical Emergency Medicine Compensation and Benefit Survey. Represents over 500 emergency physicians and nearly 300 emergency department directors. Regional information is available on a pro-rated basis. Participants receive access to results once completed. Call 800.438.2476 www.danielstern.com
  5. Delta Physician Placement. Physician staffing firm survey of more than 143 organizations and 420 physicians. Free. Call 800.521.5060 ext. 4144. www.deltaplacement.com.
  6. ECG Management Consultants. Healthcare management consulting firm surveyed 18,000 physicians at 120 organizations and 103 positions/specialties. Call 341.726.2323. www.ecgmc.com
  7. Fidelis Partners. Surveyed 165 organizations and 515 physicians in 27 positions/specialties. Call 949.325.7058. www.fidelismp.com
  8. Hay Group. Consulting firm surveyed 180 organizations representing more than 30,000 physicians in 144 specialties. Call 800.716.4429. www.haygroup.com
  9. Hospital & Healthcare Compensation Service. The Physician Salary Survey Report is published each March. Contains data from 303 organizations and 27,000 physicians in 45 positions/specialties. Call 201.405.0075, ext. 14. Cost is $295. They also have a Hospital Salary & Benefits Report and a Nursing Compensation Report. Web site is www.hhcsinc.com/.
  10. Jackson & Coker. National physician recruitment firm. Surveyed 19,000 physicians in 24 specialties via Web survey. Contact 800.272.2707. Web site is www.jacksonandcoker.com.
  11. LocumTenens.com. Survey of 1,323 physicians in 52 positions/specialties. Call 770.643.5559. www.locumtenens.com.
  12. Martin, Fletcher. Physician Compensation and Benefits Report listing 23 positions/specialties. Martin, Fletcher, a health care staffing firm, conducts compensation surveys on an annual basis. Current survey includes 1,000 physicians and 171 organizations. Free. Call 877.786.7897.
  13. MD Network. Physician Compensation, Incentives and Benefits Survey. Includes data on more than 4,700 physicians in 32 specialties. Call 800.705.7055. Web site is www.md-network.com/.
  14. Medical Group Management Association. Physician Compensation and Production Survey. Includes compensation data on physicians and non-physician providers by specialty. Representing over 62,000 providers in 174 positions/specialties. Call 877.275.6462, ext. 1888. Info available on www.mgma.com/.
  15. Medicus Firm. Physician search firm surveyed 2,500 physicians in 19 positions/specialties. Free. Call 888.260.4242 etc. 23600.521.5060 ext. 4167.
  16. Merritt Hawkins. Physician Salary Survey. Healthcare staffing firm that reports on recruitment offers. Survey includes 2,700 offers in 20 positions/specialties. Free. Call 800.876.0500. Web site is www.merritthawkins.com.
  17. Pacific Companies. Data represents more than 76 organizations and over 6,700 physicians in 30 specialties. Call 800.741.7629. www.pacificcompanies.com
  18. Pinnacle Health Group. Physician recruitment firm survey of 155 organizations and 30,000 physicians in 42 specialties. Free. 800.492.7771. Web site is www.phg.com.
  19. SullivanCotter & Associates. Physician Salary Survey. Survey is broken down into 4 physician levels: staff physician, residency coordinator, division chief and department chair, plus 9 physician administrative positions and a separate data table for residents. Surveyed 400 organizations with 76,000 physicians in more than 219 specialties. Cost varies depending on participation. Call 248.204.9514. Web site is www.sullivancotter.com.
  20. Warren Surveys. Latest survey includes 7,000 physicians, and 32 specialties. Cost varies depending on participation. Call 815.877.8794. 

Updated January 2013

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