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Freestanding Emergency Centers

Section Officers & Staff

Carrie de Moor, MD, FACEP
John R. Dayton, MD, FACEP
Secretary / Newsletter Editor
Erin Simon, DO, FACEP
Member at Large
Harvey Castro, MD, FACEP
Immediate Past Chair
Richard Joe Ybarra, MD
David C. Ernst, MD, FACEP
Alternate Councilor
Edward Shaheen, MD, FACEP
Board Liaison
Gillian Schmitz, MD, FACEP
Staff Liaison
David A. McKenzie, CAE

The ACEP Section on Freestanding Emergency Centers provides a forum in which members of the College with special interests in Freestanding Emergency Centers, defined as independent emergency centers or satellite hospital outpatient departments, can develop a knowledge base, share information, receive and give counsel, and serve as a resource to others interested in this area of emergency medicine.

 Section Objectives: 

  • Host a collaborative dialogue regarding pertinent FEC issues optimizing emergency medicine values as espoused by ACEP.
  • Educate ACEP members, the medical community, and the public about what FECs are, what they do, and how they fit into the patient’s circle of healthcare providers.
  • Collaborate with ACEP leadership in establishing a national set of standards for FECs that could be referred to as a unified national resource for legislatures, physicians, and the medical community
  • Keep ACEP membership relevant to those who don’t practice in hospital EDs and to keep ACEP as a voice for all ED physicians, (whether they practice in hospital EDs or Freestanding ECs).

For inquiries, questions, or comments about the section, please send an email to the staff liaison.

Freestanding Emergency Centers Section members may send an email to all members of this section via the section elist: acep_freestandingemergencycenterssection@ConnectedCommunity.org

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